Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Real story , Print media UNfolded

Print Media Unfolded

To understand the situation we must check why there are so much news papers and so called minority activities in India, If we go back 1947, year we get our independence with a guarantee to the secularism. After that world politics went through many changes and now the situation is more worst.. In bigger frame the world is clearly divided, says the part of Christian world and the Muslim world, now they are to target the rest world as India and other countries.

So we can easily trace the Muslim, and Christian missions in India. Now the work style

These both so called minorities has there control a big part of the world and the business, if we think about Europe the Christian and if we think for the Middle East these are Muslims

Now the working, a well established Indian business man want to grow fast, and started business, and he get offers for the fund transfers to Indian minority groups, but not through direct as these person do not want to give the traceability, so that business man started the news paper publication a full show style with a editor appointed by them and this editor is a agent who start working as seminars and editorials for these so called minorities , not to get the support from the government but to get the support from those minorities and the utilization turnover of fund starts. These editors work full time with some magazines to support the minorities and will always start a newspaper daily, just before the elections either state assembly or central parliament elections, by the society provides active workers, to work for the so-called media houses. These youngsters start working with famed newspapers and periodicals but are unaware of the source of money., as the youth are only familiar with the glamour of the media, knowing nothing about the ethics and functioning of theses so called media houses and so called editors.

Now they need a local politician to protect and to get the showbiz and to attract the mass, and politician needs it for their vote banks. And this end of cycle of flow of power and fund.

And now a NGO with any name came in the picture, started or controlled by this so called editor and business man and chief guest or patron advisor by the so called local politician to help these minorities groups dedicated to the religion not to a human being and being advertised through these newspapers funded through a foreign mission, and again start collecting donations from these people and volunteers for there so called social services.

And this flow of came to an end when it go or reaches to any terrorist group for there business, so called business.

If we follow the activities and lifestyle of these so called editors and newspapers, we can trace that there is some thing wrong and unusual, which can not be acceptable by the society norms and rules. These media houses transforming social and professional ethics destruction to the society and country.

Friends, Please send us the details for the recently started newspapers, as Election special.

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