Saturday, March 20, 2010

Introduction to KOLKATA AAJ


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Launching of the , a complete information and news portal, everything about west bengal.

We are inviting the information ,news, writeups.

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Kolkata Aaj sweeper of media
is a not a venture, not a business, its a dream , dream towards the society , towards the people of the west bengal, India. Amader Bangla, amader Bharat,amader swapner bangl amader swapner Bharat--- Sandeep Jain
I am not a person from media, or Journalism , I am just learning the journalism, from last few months, I am feeling that there is somthing missing in our kolkata. I dont know what is journalism but in last few months , ihave seen the worst part of it. Now people are taking it as the one of the fastes money , and fame making business
Journalism is something buying pain, it cant be a business, it is serving the people, and society.
Kolkata -Aaj is ventured by Gkm Media, a company , owned by its all members, who is running the company and working for the company. Its a joint venture of all the true - persons , those are working not only for the earning, but earning with truly serving the society.
Our New comming Publications:
Kolkata AAj ( By-weekly)
Indrani---Amra Bangali (amader Mulyo aur jeevan er Parichay , amader bharatiya Bangla)
GKM Financial Advisor ( true investment and taxation consultant)
Urgent Need
Journalist, content writers, district reporters from WB.

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