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Print media condition in KOLKATA WESTBENGAL, India

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Year 2006,,, 14th April
'Aaj Ekhon' eveninger launched in Kolkata
An new Bengali eveninger, 'Aaj Ekhon', has hit the stands in Kolkata on April 15, on the Poila Boishakh day, the Bengali New Years day. Aaj Ekhon is the first publication from Freedom Media Pvt Ltd, a company promoted by three former print media professionals including Suman Bhattacharya and Amitabh Bhattacharya. Aaj Ekhon is modeled on Mid-Day. Rohit Basu, who was earlier with Tara Newz, is the Executive Editor of this afternoon daily, who is heading a team of more than 30 journalists in Kolkata and few from Delhi and Mumbai. Actor Prosenjit, singer Kabir Suman, film scribe and one-time editor of Anandalok, Swapan Ghosh, have been roped to write columns for Aaj Ekhon. Aaj Ekhon is a 16-page part colour tabloid, and will have an initial print order of 25,000 copies with a cover price of Rs 1. While its first edition will be available at 1:30 pm, there will be a second one later in the afternoon. Freedom Media has commissioned a survey by an multinational research agency to gauge the market for the product. For record note, Freedom Media Pvt Ltd also has a television production house, having designed programmes for ETV Bangla and Zee Bangla. Further, according to Audit Bureau of Circulation figures, Bikeler Pratidin is the highest selling Bengali language eveninger at present with a circulation of 22,219, while Sandhya Aajkaal is at second place with a figure of 16,847.
Bengali afternoon daily set for April 15 launch
Gargi Gupta / Kolkata April 14, 2006
Election mania has hit the Kolkata media circles well and truly. After two new 24-hour news channels, an eveninger, 'Aaj Ekhon', was set hit the stands on April 15, Poila Boishakh day, to cash in on the heightened interest in current affairs at election time.
'Aaj Ekhon' was the maiden publication of Freedom Media Pvt Ltd, a company started around three months ago by three ex-print media professionals. Two of them, Suman Bhattacharya and Amitabh Bhattacharya, were familiar names to readers of Bengali newspapers. The three pooled their savings, and brought on board like-minded colleagues who, in turn, chipped in with a few thousands, to form the company.
"Our initial corpus of around Rs 10-12 lakh," says Suman Bhattacharya, "was raised in this way."
The rest of the Rs 4 crore initial budget had been raised from financial institutions.
The company also has a television production house which has designed programmes for ETV Bangla and Alpha Bangla.
'Aaj Ekhon' would be is modelled on Mumbai's hot-selling eveninger, 'Mid-Day'.
Says a company spokesperson, "People no longer read newspapers only in the morning. Also the commuting traffic in Kolkata is more or less the same as in Mumbai."
The company said it had commissioned a survey by an multinational research agency to gauge the market for the product. The first edition of 'Aaj Ekhon' will hit the streets at 1.30pm, and there will be a second one later in the afternoon.
The Kolkata launch will be followed seven days later with one in Siliguri and a fortnight later, in Durgapur.
The 16-page part colour tabloid will have an initial print order of 25,000 copies.
Railway platforms, including the Metro, will be important distribution centres, but the company has already in place extensive ward-level network in areas adjoining the city.
For now, the Kolkata edition will be printed from the Kalantar press in Park Circus, but the company plans to acquire its own press six months down the line. The investment requirements for all these plans, says Bhattacharya, will be to the tune of Rs 12 crore.
Advertisers have already evinced interest in the eveninger, with two companies, Chirag Computers and Bengal Shelter Housing, making firm commitments.
The paper has been priced at Re 1. Rohit Basu, formerly with Tara Newz, is the executive editor, heading a team of 32 journalists in Kolkata and a few in Delhi and Mumbai as well.
Elections and politics, of course, are important, but entertainment, sports and crime will also be important focus areas. The actor Prosenjit, singer Kabir Suman and ex-'Anandalok' editor, Swapan Ghosh, will write exclusive columns for Aaj Ekhon.
"This is year of great sports events," says Bhattacharya.
"There is the football world cup, and later on the Indian cricket tour of West Indies. Given the time difference, the morning papers cannot hope to catch all the excitement. This is where we come in," he adds.
While 'Aaj Ekhon' has its own business strategy, eveningers have not done too well in Kolkata.
According to the latest circulation figures of the Audit Bureau of Circulation, 'Bikeler Pratidin' is the highest selling Bengali-language eveninger at present with a circulation of 22,219, while 'Sandhya Aajkaal' is second with a figure of 16,847.
this was the starting , on a black back groud, its starts and ends everytime , by making us fool,, and now read this
CBI seizes documents in DD fraud
NEW DELHI, June 11: The CBI today claimed that it has recovered some "important documents" allegedly showing nexus between certain retired officials of Doordarshan and Ramesh Gandhi, one of the main accused in the case of cheating Doordarshan, Kolkata, of Rs 8.5 crore.
Agency sources claimed that during the search at the office premises of M/s Arambh (owned by Gandhi), the sleuths found some documents which showed alleged nexus.
The sources said though copies of some documents were found in the Arambh advertising, the orginals could not be found at the office of Doordarshan.
The sources said investigations into nexus between private television companies and Doordarshan, Kolkata also showed that close family members of accused Doordarshan officials had also floated firms to benefit Gandhi.
The sources alleged that wife of Kalyan Ghosh, the then Assistant Station Director of Kolkata Doordarshan, had flaoted a firm "Teletone", and had financial transactions with Gandhi’s M/s Arambh Advertising and Marketing Limited.
The CBI alleged that there were documents which established that Ghosh was also producing private serials in the name of "K Kumar" which were either telecast or were going to be telecast on Doordarshan Kolkata.
All the serials produced by Ghosh were allegedly being marketed by M/s Arambh, the sources said.
Besides Gandhi, the CBI registered FIRs against Ramesh Bindal and Nandni Bhatacharjee, two of the employees of Gandhi, the then Station Director of Kolkata Doordarshan A K Biswas (since transfered as Station Director AIR, Kolkata), Assistant Station Director Kalyan Ghosh, Controller Sales of Prasar Bharti Anurag Mishra and Assistant Controller of Sales Prasar Bharti Shashank Mishra.
CBI is probing into the alleged nexus between private television companies and Doordarshan and Prasar Bharti officials leading to heavy losses worth crores of rupees to the Government exchequer.
The agency sources said this could be only one of the cases and the sleuths of anti-corruption branch, Kolkata were looking into other files, where commercial time was allotted to private firms without following the regulations of Prasar Bharti.
The spokesman estimated a loss of nearly Rs eight to ten crore to Doordarshan Kolkata.
The sources said xerox copies of note sheets of Doordarshan Directorate and Prasar Bharti relating to various programmes given to the company were also found in possession of the company, which were meant only for official records.
Meanwhile, reacting to allegations levelled by editor of "Khas Khabar", a Bengali news channel, Rohit Basu stating that CBI could not find anything from his residence, CBI spokesman said "we conducted the search keeping in view all legal formalities and maintaining proper decorum." (PTI),&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=31
This is the picture of todays media,,,,,, is this acceptable , very few people are doing this and ,,,, destroying the forth piller of the Republic
Who was behind all this,,,,
1) Who was inDD durdarshan?
2) who has the hands?
3) What is reason of this flow?
u can understand if u all use your mind, as I am puting the published news together,,,, it might that this all may be a big problem for me, my familly............but THE DAwn Awake
Islamic largesse on media in eastern India By Asim Kumar Mitra
People are inclined to draw a conclusion that may be Priya Ranjan had an invisible hand in the appointment of Suman Bhattacharya in his present position. The daily newspaper Aajvikas edited by Suman Bhattacharya has already campaigned for allowing work permit for the Bangladeshis.
Of late Islamic money and men have become extraordinarily active in the field of media in eastern and north-eastern India. Within a very short spell of time, the Islamic Journalists Society has started at least twelve newspapers including one daily newspaper in Bengali named Aajvikas and three 24-hour satellite news channels (They are Network 365 from Kolkata, Din 365 from Jharkhand and Dy 365 from Assam). Apart from Aajvikas they have started Dakshiner Varanda a magazine devoted on agriculture and environment, Anahata a newsweekly, Fashion on fashion and style, Career and Pesha Sopan both devoted on career and job information Indoor Outdoor this news magazine has four editions and it is published in Hindi, Oriya and Assamese, two educational magazines in Bengali Mission Secondary and Mission Higher Secondary, Amrit Cricket on cricket and other sports, The International Gazette, a magazine devoted to international issues. Those who are in the field of newspaper publication they can well imagine how much capital is required for bringing out so many publications regularly. Shri Suman Bhattacharya, a former journalist of Ananda Bazar Patrika, the largest circulated Bengali daily with a circulation of 1.3 million, is spearheading the journalist section of the group. Shri Bhattacharya became popular after covering the Kargil war in Ananda Bazar Patrika. His father was very close to Shri Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi, former Information and Broadcasting Minister as he was an employee in Dakshinee Varta a yearly magazine edited by Priya Ranjan. People are inclined to draw a conclusion that may be Priya Ranjan had an invisible hand in the appointment of Suman Bhattacharya in his present position. The daily newspaper Aajvikas edited by Suman Bhattacharya has already campaigned for allowing work-permit for the Bangladeshis. In another news campaign Aajvikas has argued that Md. Salim, an MP of CPI(M) would have been a better chief minister of the State than the present CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. These kind of indirect but definitive and motivated stories are being published in the interest of parochial Islamic interest. Let us cite another example from its publication Anahata, a newsweekly. In its issue of 3—9 December, 2008, it had put forward six questions and obtained answers from the intellectuals and college and university students. If one goes through the questions they have asked, one would immediately understand the motive behind asking those questions. Let us put forward the questions they have asked: (1) There are few people who are honest and responsible think that Muslims in general are ‘anti-nationals’ and ‘opposed to the national interests’. Do you think that this kind of generalisation is supportable? (2) Do you think that the terrorists are Muslims only and no other communities have no terrorists? Is it a fact that terrorists form a separate party? (3) What is your perception about terrorists? Or what do you understand by “terrorists”? (4) If you find that there are terrorists in other communities as well, then will it proper to say that only Muslims are terrorists in this country? If it is correct, then should we get rid of such wrong notion? (5) What kind of India you prefer to see—a free, secular India where love, tolerance and equal prestige for all will be followed as national ideal? Or you want an India which is being ruled by a particular group of people belonging to a particular religion and where only that particular religious group will enjoy policy deciding right? (6) What kind of social discrimination gives birth to terrorism or such an ambience drives people to take up ‘terrorism’ as a way of solution? Many renowned personalities of Bengal including Sunil Gangopadhyay, litterateur and President, Sahitya Academy, PC Sorcar Jr. famous magician, Kaushik Sen, actor, Bibhas Chakravorty, Drama director, Bani Basu, litterateur etc. have responded to these questions more or less positively which have successfully served their purpose. Although all these newspapers have been started by the Islamic Journalist Society, now they have changed the name of this organisation. Instead of the word ‘Islamic’ they are now using the word ‘Independent’. By giving this new name i.e. Independent Journalist Society they think that people would accept this organisation as a secular organisation and would not have any prejudice against it. Or may be they would have found certain problems while registering the society in the former name. In any case, the presence of this new Independent Journalist Society is being felt by each and every section of the society as the publications are covering regional and sectional subjects. Another important aspect of their motive is that they have not limited themselves in the political matters only; instead, they have spread their fangs in divergent areas. Through this media chain they are consciously trying to rope in important personalities in their fold. The latest example, in this regard, is that when Din 365, the 24-hour satellite channel, was inaugurated in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, on December 18, 2008, the chief minister Shri Shibu Soren was present at the function. Wherefrom this huge capital is coming for running such a huge number of magazines is not exactly known. But it has been said that some “Hawala Businessmen” are involved in this matter. The name of Arun Poddar, a Kolkata-based businessman, has come up as supplier of money to the Independent Journalist Society. In exchange of this job Poddar has an eye on a Rajya Sabha seat from CPI(M) quota with the help of Md. Salim. It is said that Md. Salim had assured him to get one seat of Rajya Sabha to him. It is also said that huge Arab-money is coming through different sources. Although exact proof for this is not immediately available but circumstantial evidence is very much there. Even if the sources are not disclosed the affluence can be noticed in their life style. (Author is a former member of Press Council of India)

Just new news, they changed there name , on one fine morning and informed there employees that name is NETWORK 365
why, it might that Mr. Mitra has given some true facts and now they are changing again means ----Islamic Journalist Society----to ----Independent Journalist Society-----to-------Network 365
But its .........?????????/

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